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A Comeback That Will ‘Blow’ The Skeptics Away (A Samsung Galaxy S8 Review)

You’ve probably read more than a dozen reviews about the Samsung S8 and that’s fine. What they didn’t warn you about the S8 or S8+ is… you’re probably going to buy it. Skeptical at first, i was approached by a colleague telling me how brilliant the S8 is on a daily basis. I then received the review unit with extra vigilance, making sure it wasn’t turned on already before i headed home to port my accounts over.



The Infinity Display

The view from where i was sitting in my apartment was fantabulous. Not much from looking out the balcony but more of looking into that glistening 5.8 inches gorgeous beauty of a screen that captures 83.6% screen to body ratio. My eyes were swimming in the best ever infinity pool and it didn’t want to emerge from it. Ever. You’ll immediately notice a few things missing to cater to this infinity beauty. The home button being one of them; which has been cleverly embedded within the virtual home button itself that gives a vibrating haptic feedback when you apply moderate pressure on it. Next in the missing persons list are the bezels at the side. Completely gone! Unlike previous models, there are no colour desaturations on both the S8’s curved sides whenever you turn its sides. Default settings at FHD already looks stunning when you’re binge-ing on your favourite netflix episodes. Shift over to QHD in the settings and you’ll never want to go back to FHD. Watch out for the battery drain though when you’re in QHD. The design and feel of the Samsung Galaxy S8 feels seamless from the front screen all the way to the back, as if a single solid device on its own with no bumps or hinges. It is a perfect symmetry of a device, that looks good in the eye and in the hands.


An Ergonomical Wonder

Speaking of what feels good in one hand, the Samsung S8’s phone ergonomics is probably the best to date. New standard flagship phones this year comes unboxed with a refreshed dimension aimed at ease for one-handed use; in which Samsung isn’t shy to apply onto their new flagship which comes at 149 X 68 X 8. Nevertheless, dimensions aren’t the only factors that help spell out good ergonomics for the S8. A host of features demands a comfortable user experience. One example is the one-handed mode where you can either swipe up from the bottom left or bottom right to dwarf the entire display where your fingers can reach everywhere easily. Volume Rocker and the power buttons are all easy to reach. What was thought to be a convenience key on the left turned out to be a dedicated Bixby button which is currently under its development stage. There’s been a lot of complains thrown at the location of the fingerprint sensor but i felt that the complains were overrated. It was just a matter of getting used to. But if somehow by hook or by crook one insists on finding the fingerprint at a very inconvenient location, one can always opt for the face recognition and iris-scanner to unlock your phone which works as efficiently.


Hardware Software

Hardware is never complete without its software counterpart and Samsung has really slammed it home this time. The S8 comes with the latest Octa-Core Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB of RAM. It also comes installed with Android 7.0 Nougat and TouchwizUI (Now known as Samsung Experience). We’ve had experiences with the older TouchwizUIs from the older generation Galaxy phones and found it to be full of bloatware that slows the phone down after one month of usage. That isn’t the case with the new Samsung Experience. Fonts and Icons are beautiful and animations are fluid and fast even after months of usage. One of the better hardware software integration in the S8 would be the camera. I truly believe Samsung has outdone its competitors with a single lens as oppose to most flagships out there with dual lense technology. Results do clearly speak for itself. Pictures and Videos (4K recording with OIS is the bomb!) are stunning and super crisp where the camera software has a myriad of features to boost your photo game.

A Galaxy of Possibilities

For the entire week of testing the Galaxy S8, i was always wow-ed by its seamless design and sleek portrayal of a device that never fails to turn heads. I sometimes would just pull out the S8 from my pocket just to look at its screen for no particular reason. It’s just that beautiful. But don’t pick a companion just cos it’s beautiful. You would want one that is packed with character and attitude, and the S8 has both beauty and character. Check out our live review of the S8 in the video down below to see why we say what we've said!

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