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Father's Day Weekend Promo

We remember so little of our past, but beautiful moments always remain. It is within these short moments that shape a big part of who we are today. My dad, has always been my hero. Little fingers that couldn't grasp the holders of our baby cups. Tiny legs that wobble along the marble floor. Our fathers would secure our footing in this world, be it physical or financial, giving us only the best within his capabilities. 

We so often immortalise and perceive our fathers to be machines that never fails in whatsoever circumstances. This weekend, we would like to pay tribute to all fathers who have sacrificed in the name of family. This weekend, the giver shall be the receiver. 

With a 5% off on all Audio Devices, Wearables, App-Enabled Products and 2nd phone purchase, there's no better time to give your dad the perfect gift.

This June, we're also giving very special Beats promotion. What Beats a 10% discount? A 20% Discount! Purchase any Beats and get 10% off! Or, buy any phone from our stores and instantly get a 20% discount off for any Beats product! It just doesn't get any better than this. 

We'll be seeing you in our stores soon, right? ;) 

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