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U'RE Screen Protection - Terms and Conditions

Your worst nightmare came true. You dropped your phone and it had to be on the busiest day of your life. Your cracked screen stares back blankly at you, ignoring every swipe and tap. You let out a sigh of frustration knowing your day won’t get any better. 

We’re here to save the day!

Starting from 12th Oct 2017, Urban Republic will be providing USP (U'RE Screen Protection) plan FREE for every purchase of any Android phone from us.

What is USP?

USP is a "screen crack" repair program.

When your the screen of your device is cracked, the original manufacturing warranty is considered void. That's where we come in. The remaining period from the original warranty will be taken over by this protection plan.

What does it cover?

It covers a one-time repair cost for the device due to accidental damages. The program only covers the cost of screen repair (LCD display) - this excludes other damages such as back housing cracks, dents or other electronics part failure. Nevertheless, you have the option to get your device repaired by us with additional charges.


This Program provided One (1) Time Screen Crack Repair for your Android device within One (1) year from the date of purchased.

For any enquiries regarding the coverage, please contact CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD (389271-M) by email to



This protection plan is eligible for all Purchasers of new Android OS Device purchased from CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD (389271-M). 



LCD Display / Screen Crack - To provide one (1) time repair for the Subscriber device damage LCD Display / screen damages due to accidental causes as defined except where specifically excluded by the Protection. CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD will take over the remaining warranty period of the device as the original warranty have voided after screen damages. CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD liability under this protection in respect of any claim shall not exceed the original purchased Price of the Device.



CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD shall not be liable in respect of:-

  1. Damage arising from natural disaster, war, act of terrorism, wear and tear, gradual deterioration, depreciation, corrosion, discolouration, rust, vermin, insects, any process of cleaning or restoring or from adjustment, repair or dismantling of any part whilst removed from its normal working position.
  2. An act in contravention of a government prohibition or law, confiscation, detention, destruction or requisition by Customs or Police or by the order of any Government or Public Body or Authority, whether as contraband, stolen goods or otherwise, or in consequence of illegal act or activity or otherwise.
  3. Ionising, radiation or contamination by radio activity from any nuclear fuel from any nuclear waste from combustion of nuclear fuel or nuclear weapon material.
  4. Criminal Breach of Trust and /or Theft by Deception.
  5. Any deliberate act or negligence by the Subscriber, or any person using the Device with their permission.
  6. Any additional cost incurred to the Subscriber in respect of:-
  1. loss of value, loss of use, loss of information stored in memories , or any consequential loss (including but not limited to any economic loss or other loss of turnover, profits, business, goodwill or expected savings), except as set out elsewhere in this Protection;
  2. when repairing or replacing aerials, battery chargers or batteries where these items are the only part of the Device that have been Damaged or stolen;
  3. when replacing car kits or car phones and other accessories which can no longer be used with the Device;
  4. in returning the Device for repair or collecting the Device once it has been repaired; 
  5. repairing or providing replacement Device where the Damage to the Device is covered by the relevant Manufacturer's guarantee or warranty for either parts or labour;
  6. Device being routinely serviced, inspected, adjusted or cleaned;
  7. replacement of any accessories associated with the Subscriber’ Device;
  8. Internal leakage of the battery, unless due to Accident.
  9. Mysterious disappearance, unexplainable and/or improvable event.
  10. Product defects whether latent inherent.
  11. Electronic derangement or malfunction including its own ignition or burn out, whether as a result of use, misuse, test or repair; and/or
  12. Damage resulting from deliberate action of the Subscriber.


Each of the conditions herein will be viewed separately and independently from the others. The invalidity of any part of a condition will not affect the validity of any other part.


  1. Entire Contract-Changes In Protection

No statement made by the applicant for Protection not included herein shall avoid the Protection or be used in any legal proceedings hereunder. No party shall have the authority to change this Protection or to waive any of its provisions save and except for an officer clothed with expressed authority by CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD to do so and such approval be endorsed hereon. 


  1. Alterations To Protection Terms And Conditions

CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD may reduce Limit or modify coverage or decline renewal (where and when applicable) by giving seven (7)  days prior written notice to the  Subscriber. 


  1. Effective Date 

The effective date of this Protection is One (1) year from the date of purchased for your device.


  1. Currency of Payment

All amounts payable either to or by CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD shall be payable in Malaysian Ringgit.


  1. Notice Of Claim

Subscriber must immediately notify to CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD of any screen damage due to accidental by visiting any URBAN REPUBLIC / ERAFONE retails within twenty four (24) hours of the Incident. The Subscriber shall provide all necessary information and assistance to enable CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD to settle any of the Claims. Failure to comply with this condition may prejudice the Claims. Filing a false or fraudulent Claim will invalidate the Claim and result in CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD rejecting the Claim.


  1. Limitation Of Claims

No benefit shall be payable for any claim filed to CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD beyond a period of Thirty (30) days from the Date of Incident or after coverage period.


  1. Proof Of Claim

The Subscriber MUST provide proof of purchased to CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD in the case of a Damaged Device, the Subscriber are required to provide the Damaged Device to the Insured before any repair can be made. Subscriber are required to provide all documents, information and evidences in the form and nature. If CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD has not received such proof of loss within Thirty (30) days from the date of incident, CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD shall be discharged from all liability hereunder.


  1. Salvage

CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD shall be entitled on the happening of Damage to the Device covered, to take and keep possession of the Device damaged/recovered and to deal with the salvage in a reasonable manner; and to undertake in the name and on behalf of the Subscriber the absolute conduct, control and settlement of any proceedings and to take proceedings at its own expense and for its own benefit but in the name of Subscriber to recover compensation or secure indemnity from any third party in respect of anything covered by this Protection. Subscriber is required to provide all necessary information, documents and reasonable assistance to CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD.


  1. Receipts

CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD shall not be committed by any notice of any trust, charge, lien, assignment or other dealing with the Protection and the receipt of the Subscriber for any compensation payable herein shall in all cases be effectual discharge of liability of CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD.


  1. Cancellation

Both the Subscriber and CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD reserve the right to cancel the Protection at any time during its  currency by serving to the other seven (7) days notice in writing. 


  1. Conformity With Law

Any provision of this Protection which on its Effective Date is in conflict with Malaysian laws or issued for delivery is hereby amended to conform to the minimum requirement of such laws.


  1. Duty Of The Subscriber

Subscriber shall take all reasonable precautions for the safety and protection of the covered Mobile Device.


  1. Changes And Alterations To The Mobile Device

The Subscriber is required to notify CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD in the event of any Material Changes to the Device shown on the Protection. The benefits and entitlements under the Protection will end immediately if any of the following conditions apply:-


(a) The Subscriber sells or transfers the ownership of his/her Device in any way;


(b) The Mobile Device is modified or altered in any way or the electronic identity of the Mobile Phone is altered; or


(c) The Subscriber changes his/her Device for any reason other than under a manufacturer's warranty exchange scheme or a Claim under this Protection, and a retailer or organization other than Participating Telecommunication Outlet supplies the new Device.


  1. Settlement Options

CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD shall be at liberty to elect whether to repair or replace the Device; In cases where CG COMPUTERS SDN BHD repair or replace the Device, like for like units with new or re-manufactured unit may be used but may:

(a) be a different model

(b) be made by a different manufacturer

(c) not include the identical features and functions as the Damaged Device 

(d) be of like kind and quality


  1. Law and Jurisdiction

In accordance with the Law and Jurisdiction of Malaysia.

(Note: Terms and Conditions subject to change without further notice)

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